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The Ins & Outs Of Personal Injury When Travelling

Part One: Travelling for Pleasure Injuring yourself in a foreign country can be extremely frightening, and securing your compensation for such an injury can be complicated and confusing. In a situation such as this, the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer can make all the difference. When you are on vacation, you are focused … Continue reading “The Ins & Outs Of Personal Injury When Travelling”

What To Do If You Are Involved In A Cycling Accident

In Toronto, over the past few years, biking infrastructure has grown to accommodate the city’s massive population of cyclists. Bike lanes are now located on Bloor, and Sherbourne even has a partitioned bike lane (à la Montreal) to protect cyclists from automobiles. Here at Goodman Elbassiouni LLP, we think that cycling is a fantastic way … Continue reading “What To Do If You Are Involved In A Cycling Accident”

The Value Of Educating Yourself Before You Are Injured

The time following a workplace injury can be extremely stressful, and not just physically — psychological stress can be a huge factor as well. Although your health should be the highest priority, it’s easy to understand why your thoughts may naturally gravitate towards monetary issues, especially if you have a family to provide for. If … Continue reading “The Value Of Educating Yourself Before You Are Injured”


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