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Christmas Edition Part One: Stay Safe On Your Feet

With the Christmas season upon, there is a significant amount of running around going on – much more so than during the rest of the year. Between shopping, going to Christmas parties, and visiting relatives, we often find ourselves hustling from one place to the next in a way that does not exactly feel like a vacation. Whether you are a property owner or just a regular civilian trying to make it through the holidays unscathed, exercise caution this holiday season so as not to get caught up in the gears of the Ontario Occupier’s Liability act. If you or any of your loved ones do suffer from a slip and fall accident this season, contact the expert slip and fall lawyers at Goodman Elbassiouni LLP immediately – that said, remember to take your time during the holiday rush and wear boots with good tread.

The Occupier’s Liability act is in place to protect regular people against poor safety protocol in public spaces. The province of Ontario tries to set a strong precedent for safety in public spaces. When you take into account the fact that we live in a time when there are as many people over the age of sixty as there are under it, you start to understand why this is so important.

In the developed world, and certainly in Canada, advancements in health care mean that an individual’s life expectancy is much longer than it used to be. Senior citizens built the world that we live in; they should be shown proper respect and enjoy the right to feel safe in public spaces. When a store owner or landlord does not reliably shovel and salt the walkway or make sure that problem areas are well lit, then it compromises the safety of customers, tenants and visitors – especially the elderly. If you are responsible for a piece of property, you are responsible – within reason – of ensuring that the space is safe for everyone.

As experienced accident lawyers in Toronto, we see a lot of slip and falls this time of year, and while it is often the fault of the property owner or manager, it is undeniably true that folks tend to be in a rush this time of year and sometimes a mob mentality takes over in a situation like Black Friday or the final shopping days leading up to Christmas. Folks, we beseech you: slow down this holiday season and enjoy each other’s company, that’s what the holidays are truly about, not getting the hottest new smart phone for the cheapest price. Be careful in crowded malls, especially when slippery slush has been tramped inside and sloshed around to form dangerous slipping hazards.

If you do find yourself injured because a handrail was absent in a steep, poorly lit stairwell, or if the ice on a walkway wasn’t properly dealt with, feel free to reach out to a professional workers compensation lawyer at Goodman Elbassiouni LLP. We will assess the situation, inspect the area where the accident occurred and work with experts and medical professionals to build the strongest case possible. Have a safe and happy holiday, hopefully you won’t need us; but if you do, we’re here.


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