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The Harmonious Connection Between Personal Injury Law & Family Medicine

When you suffer an injury related to work, a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property or a car crash where you were not at fault, one of the first people you will talk to is your family doctor. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may need to go to the emergency room right away, but eventually you will follow up with your doctor to assess the damage and figure out if you need to see a specialist or a physiotherapist. A family doctor will also be instrumental in helping you record the details and the severity of your injury while it is still fresh. When our expert Toronto car accident lawyers are preparing an affidavit for a court case, this type of information is incredibly useful. It needs to be accurate and meticulous to properly influence the case.

All of this information may seem obvious to you if you already use a family doctor, but the truth is that many Canadians rely on walk in clinics for their day-to-day health needs, meaning that they see several different doctors who may have to assess various factors anew each visit. The benefits of having a family doctor – outside of gathering of evidence for an affidavit – are multiple. Walk-in clinics can be useful if your doctor is on vacation or you can’t get a same-day appointment, but you really should have a consistent medical expert you trust who knows your history and your particular problems.

Goodman Elbassiouni LLP believes that having a single doctor responsible for your overall care is extremely pragmatic. Think of this doctor as the quarterback for your medical care. If you need a specialist appointment, a blood test, a cat-scan or a referral to a psychologist or psychotherapist, this individual can access all of that for you. You may think that going to a walk-in clinic simplifies your life, but in the long run it will only make your life more inconvenient.

In the event that you suffer from a severe workplace injury, incur brain damage in a car accident, or hurt yourself in a slip and fall, if your doctor had a good sense of your health and personality before the accident, it will certainly be much easier for them to diagnose the medical conditions that are specifically resultant from this accident. With a brand new doctor that is not familiar with your history, there may be some confusion over whether or not certain conditions existed before the accident, or as a result of it. In a court case, confusion can be fatal: judges like a nice clear, clean story with everything laid out in a way that’s easy to understand.

Again, even aside from the way that a family doctor can expedite an appeal and help you claim your fair compensation, having a family doctor just makes sense. In an age where the overall approach to health is shifting towards a more holistic model and philosophy, you want a reliable GP who you can build a relationship with, who knows a little bit about everything, and a lot about you. We might just be the most effective workers compensation lawyers in Toronto and the GTA, but we care about your health and well-being as well, so look into getting yourself a family doctor, and browse our website for more info on personal injury protocol!


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