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The Value Of Educating Yourself Before You Are Injured

The time following a workplace injury can be extremely stressful, and not just physically — psychological stress can be a huge factor as well. Although your health should be the highest priority, it’s easy to understand why your thoughts may naturally gravitate towards monetary issues, especially if you have a family to provide for. If the injury is grave enough that you end up in the hospital, you may grow impatient to get back to work so that you can continue receiving paychecks in order to cover your monthly bills. Recent research has shown that this type of psychological stress can compound whatever physical affliction you’re suffering from, which in turn may prolong your rehabilitation period. Here at Goodman Elbassiouni LLP, we encourage anyone who works in a field involving occupational hazards to educate themselves regarding proper post-accident protocol to avoid this particular type of stress. In doing so, you diminish your own burden while handing off the responsibility of securing compensation to experienced professionals who will ensure that you are properly compensated.

If you suffer an injury serious enough that you will incur lost wages, require treatment at a hospital, or miss any shifts, your superior is required to file a report with the WSIB within three days. Fortunately, it is also up to them to fill out the relevant paperwork, so you won’t be saddled with that responsibility following the accident.

If you do, in fact, work in a field where occupational hazards are common, it is a good idea to foster a solid relationship with your family doctor. Your doctor’s report will go to the WSIB and should include a detailed description of your injury, symptoms, treatments, etc. If you’re the type of person who typically relies on walk-in clinics, you may end up with a less than reliable doctor who isn’t familiar with your medical history.

Documentation is also crucial: photos of your injury and of the hazardous environment that was the catalyst for the injury will be extremely helpful pieces of evidence to strengthen your case. If there were any witnesses to your accident, it also extremely helpful to request written statements while the witnesses’ memories are still fresh. When your lawyer is preparing formal witness statements for submission, having access to precise, accurate details will be paramount.

A lawyer that specializes in WSIB claims (Goodman employs paralegals who have worked directly for the WSIB, giving us a competitive edge) can help you make sure you receive what you’re entitled to, and in the case that your claim is rejected, a WSIB lawyer is an indispensable asset if you choose to file an appeal.

Having a plan of action in place in the event of a workplace injury allows you to effectively prioritize the handful of important tasks that need to be personally fulfilled, while delegating to others wherever possible. If you educate yourself beforehand, you will diminish the likelihood of taking a hit on your monthly income and putting yourself and your family at risk. The time following an injury is never pleasant, but if you have a plan, you can at least make your period of recovery more bearable. Compounded stress can result in migraines, neck and back pain and a slew of other symptoms that might delay your recovery and leave you with additional stress disorders on top of your initial injury. The talent at Goodman Elbassiouni LLP delivers peace of mind by securing fair compensation. When you do your part, it’s easier for us to do ours.


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