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Work Injury Checklist: Following Proper Protocol

If you follow our blog at all, or if you’ve ever researched the WSIB and worker’s compensation, then you know that obtaining compensation for your work injury is not exactly a straightforward process. Unfortunately, it is necessary to take a bit of precious time out of your schedule to learn about work injury protocol if you work a job that carries a high risk for injury. Even if you work an office job, this type of information can still prove to be valuable; surveys show that in the past half-century repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and back problems simply from sitting too much, have increased exponentially. In this secondary, subtler category of injury, you may feel timid about pursuing compensation – don’t; it’s your right as a citizen of Ontario to claim compensation, even for these more insidious injuries that manifest over time.

If you work in a warehouse or on a busy job site building condos and the like, you probably have some familiarity with the WSIB – whether it be personal or second hand, through a friend. But if you work in an office you may well never have thought about any of this stuff, however, the WSIB and WSIB lawyers such as ourselves exist for the benefit of everyone; office workers, construction workers and everything in between. So don’t be shy about claiming your compensation, no matter what field you work in. The bottom line is: if you’ve been hurt at work, you deserve the monetary compensation for therapy and rest time, end of story.

Now that we’ve got that straight, let’s spend the rest of this post looking at the basics of WSIB protocol and appeal protocol so that if you find yourself in a situation where you’ve been hurt at work, you know exactly what to do without hesitation. You can also call Goodman Elbassiouni LLP at any time for a free consultation if you’re worried about the legitimacy of your claim or if you’re feeling discouraged by the appeal process.

Inform Your Employer & File Your Claim

This is the scariest part for most people: if you are conscientious and sensitive it can be very stressful to inform your employer that you are filing a claim; they may get their back up and act like this a personal attack on them. There is, however, plenty of precedent in these cases and if you are genuinely in pain and discomfort you have nothing to worry about. A lot of the time, bosses and managers are not even up to date on WSIB policies and may not realize that they will not be asked to pay the compensation out of the company budget. If the system works, you will receive your claim through the WSIB. Unless your boss has contributed to an untoward or unsafe environment, they shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Talk To Your Doctor

When you are hurt at work, go and see your doctor immediately. They will be able to diagnose you and gather information that may be pertinent to your claim and perhaps your appeal. Having this information ready in an organized, professional way will help your chances immeasurably.

While our blog and website have a good amount of info to help familiarize yourself with WSIB law and protocol, you can also contact us today if you’re feeling confused or need a little advice. Consultations are free and we work on a contingency basis, so there’s no harm in reaching out!


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