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Top 3 Priorities When You’re Hurt At Work

In a separate post on the Goodman Elbassiouni LLP blog this month, we talked about how mindfulness and vigilance are the best method for anyone trying to avoid injuries at work, on the road or walking the streets. It is a universally recognized truth, however, that a certain number of workplace mishaps will occur, no matter how careful we are. If we ever live in an age where all manual labour is performed by robots, perhaps there will be no more accidents. In the future, however, accidents are as certain as death and taxes.

Certainly, the time following a workplace accident can be very stressful and disorienting – especially if you’ve sustained a head injury. It would be great if everyone familiarized themselves without WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board) policy – as well as proper protocol – before an accident, but the truth is that most people are too busy on a day to day basis to research these things.

Thus, our lawyers and paralegals make it their job to give you the steadiest, most consistent guidance available when dealing with the aftermath of an injury. For the greatest chance of claiming fair compensation through the WSIB, your report should be as detailed and as accurate as possible. We often find that people are concerned that they will get their boss or company in trouble, but this is not your problem; there are rules and regulations in place to protect every individual worker, so don’t feel guilty, just be honest and accurate. If you live in the GTA and your WSIB claim is rejected, you may need to consult with a workers compensation lawyer in Toronto to get what you deserve – you can contact us easily by calling or filling out an online assessment.

In the remainder of this post, we’ll quickly look at the top three things to think about when you suffer a workplace injury:

  1. Inform Your Manager – When you go to file your report with the WSIB, make sure to tell your manager. It’s their responsibility to file paper work on their end to clarify what has happened. Don’t worry about getting in trouble or having your employment terminated – if you are open and honest and follow protocol, everything should work in your favour.
  2. Speak to your Doctor – The most important evidence in a personal injury case often comes from the physician of the injured party. Following the incident, see your family doctor as quickly as possible, so that they can document the effects of the injury. If the injury affects you in ways that become apparent only over time, make sure to follow up with your doctor. If you need to miss work to see your doctor, don’t feel guilty – it’s your right.
  3. Call a Lawyer – Since our lawyers work on a contingency basis, and since the initial consultation is free, there is no reason not to get the advice of a seasoned Toronto slip and fall lawyer from Goodman Elbassiouni LLP. Worst case scenario, you get some free advice that will help you successfully file your claim. If you need to appeal the case or settle in course, of course, a lawyer will be utterly indispensable!

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