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The Thorny World Of Employment Law

Here at Goodman Elbassiouni LLP, we primarily focus on automobile accidents, WSIB related work injuries and slip and fall incidents. When you need a good workers compensation lawyer in Toronto, Goodman Elbassiouni LLP should always be at the top of your list – our crack team of experienced lawyers and paralegals work together to put together the strongest case to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injury or damage to your vehicle. An area of worker’s compensation law that is sometimes looked over, however, is the area of severance pay. In Canada, there are laws and regulations in place to make sure that you aren’t left out in the cold if you are terminated from your job. Depending on the circumstances under which your employment was terminated, you may be eligible for up to twenty-four months of pay. If you worked on a short contract, the amount that you are entitled to is significantly less, but will still make a big difference as you navigate the intimidating job market.

If you were terminated without notice and without a clear reason, you’d do well to speak to a Goodman Elbassiouni LLP associate and find out what you’re rightfully entitled to. One of the most important circumstances is how long you’ve been working for a company. If you’ve been with a company for more than ten years, they will certainly be obliged to give you a year or so to find your feet and settle into a new job.

This last point is even more salient when you are a specialist. If you are a pharmacist or an animal specialist at a zoo, for example, it’s going to be much more difficult for you to find a new job. If you have skills related to public relations or the hospitality industry, it is much more likely that you be able to quickly find work.

Whichever situation you are in, the important thing is not give in to depression and self-pity. If you were terminated unfairly and without cause, you can stand up for yourself and make sure that you don’t end up going into debt just to keep your head above water. Even in Canada, which we think of as an extremely progressive country, certain villains will inevitably try to cheat their employees and treat their workers unfairly. Rather than accepting your fate, consult with an expert at Goodman. Consultations are free and if we feel you have been treated unfairly in the context of Canadian employment law, we can help you build a case against your former employer.

Another factor that you should be conscious of is discrimination. If you feel that you may have been terminated on the grounds of racial or gender discrimination, or discrimination related to a disability, then you may have a civil damages case on your hands under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

So remember, although we have made a reputation as slip and fall lawyers who specialize in work related injuries, employment law is in our wheelhouse as well. Don’t let your boss push you around, Canadian citizens are entitled to fair treatment and shouldn’t have to struggle to survive!


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