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Strategies For Preventing A Slip & Fall

This month on the Goodman Elbassiouni LLP blog, we’d like to draw your attention to a couple of interesting strategies to prevent you from falling and hurting yourself. This may seem paradoxical, since we are a personal injury group that specializes in slip and fall cases; however, we would prefer it if the clients we defended never hurt themselves in the first place. There will always be a certain number of accidents in the world, and we’re always happy to represent the victims of unfortunate circumstances, but it has come to our attention that there are just far too many accidents that could be avoided.

We tend to see a lot of cases where the victim of a slip and fall accident is a senior citizen. As we age, our bodies are not as strong and well balanced as they once were, so it’s understandable that there would be a higher incidence of falling amongst this demographic. At the same time, there are certain preventative measures that can be taken by the elderly – or by anyone for that matter – to minimize the likelihood of a slip and fall situation. These strategies are not fool-proof, and in a situation where harm came to you in a way that was out of your control, you’ll want to enlist help after a slip or fall – so remember, you can always rely on us for a free consultation if this is the case.

Improved Core Strength — One great way to decrease the likelihood of a slip and fall is to engage the core by exercising daily. While we typically think about sit ups or crunches when we think about improving core strength, there are also isometric exercise and new forms of movement such as Pilates, which stimulate the deeper core muscles and stabilizers that we rely on for day to day balance. One such exercise is the abdominal plank, in which you prop yourself up parallel to the floor as if you were a plank. Doing this exercise daily has been proven to reduce back discomfort and increase stabilization greatly. Strengthening your midsection is a fantastic way to feel and look great and to provide an added element of physical stability in your life.

Cognitive Therapy and Increased Mindfulness – This strategy is a bit more abstract, but trust us, it is a very powerful tool for your body and mind. The general idea is to perform cognitive enhancement exercises and generally focus on your surroundings to create a greater sense of spatial awareness. Mental exercises and computer games designed to deepen your ability to focus have been shown to reduce the risk of falling. So much of the time in our fast paced, technology driven culture, we are multitasking while walking down the street so that we might become blind to certain hazards. Mindfulness and cognitive therapy increase the executive functions’ range and power. It also helps you enjoy the present moment, rather than constantly being caught up in your racing thoughts while are playing with your Smartphone.

When you’re looking for workers compensation lawyers in Toronto, you know where to find us. We specialize in motor vehicle accidents as well and, of course, slip and fall situations. We hope you can benefit from the information we’ve shared here, and if you do find yourself hurt and ailing after a fall, call us up for a free consultation!


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