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Reliability Over Liability: The Importance Of Work-Safe Training In Toronto

Some people will tell you that accidents in the workplace are an inevitable by-product of commerce and progress. Ever since humans built the pyramids thousands of years ago, there have been many, many deaths and severe injuries resulting from building up civilization and society. Goodman Elbassiouni LLP takes the stance that while there will always be a few yearly injuries in the workplace, there’s much that could be done to minimize these tragic accidents. Because we have seen such a massive variety of workplace accidents over the years – especially in the context of a construction site or a warehouse – we know just how avoidable most of these accidents are.

When you need a reliable workers compensation lawyer in Toronto or the GTA, Goodman Elbassiouni LLP will always be there to help. At the same time, we like to advocate for thorough job safety training so that our fellow humans can appreciate a higher quality of life across the board and suffer less. Additionally, when you take the time to properly train yourself for whichever field you are interested in working in, the fault will never be with you if you do suffer an accident. Especially in a court room setting, when you are trying to convince the judge that you deserve to be compensated for an accident, it’s crucial to be completely transparent and accountable for your behaviour in the circumstance that led to the accident.

When you take the time to educate yourself and you become conscious of work safety protocol, you minimize the chances of your co-workers injuring themselves as well, and generally make your workspace a more positive environment. Here in Toronto and the surrounding area, there are several job safety certification courses that you can take to improve the culture in the warehouse or construction site where you work. These certification courses also make you more eligible for jobs in specialized fields – such as forklift driver or cement truck operator – and the instructors are often plugged into the employment network that may be your key to landing that dream job.

You may think that it is a waste of time and money to sign up for work safety training. Some people would take the point of view that it should be up to their bosses to provide a rigorous safety program. Unfortunately, the truth is that due diligence and responsibility is not always practiced in this regard; sometimes the managers and supervisors at job sites are completely clueless. Due to the flaws inherent in human nature, there’s a chance that your boss would try and hush up an accident and prevent you from collecting the compensation that is rightfully yours. This culture of self-interest isn’t pretty, but it undeniably exists.

So take the time to undergo proper safety training and make life better for yourself and your co-workers. Encourage your bosses to spend more time disseminating information about proper safety protocol. If you fall victim to a workplace mishap that is due to negligence, then it’s time to contact accident lawyers in Toronto and the GTA, but if you try and increase diligence and awareness in the workplace, you will always come down on the right side of the conflict. Call us today for a free consultation!


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