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Exploring Personal Injury’s Three Fields Of Focus

If you live Toronto, and are a citizen of the country of Canada, then you are extremely fortunate in several regards. First of all, the fact that Canadians benefit from public health care is amazing, just think how awful it would be to have to pay extravagant medical bills every time you were injured or sick. Another benefit is that there are institutions in place to protect you, provide insurance and to facilitate fair compensation when you are hurt. While it’s great to have these institutions in place (the WSIB being the primary organization we deal with), they are massive, bureaucratic operations that do not have to time or the resources to explore the subtleties of each individual case.

When you are in any kind of accident where you end up navigating these bureaucratic institutions in a quest to obtain fair compensation, workers compensation lawyers can be indispensable. If you were in an accident, call Goodman Elbassiouni LLP to schedule a free consultation today.

Within the broader category of personal injury, there are three primary subgroups that are the focus of Goodman’s services: work injury, motor vehicle accident and slip and fall. In Ontario, each of these separate fields are dealt with by different public branches. Get us working for you and you won’t need to learn the subtle complexities of these institutions, however, for your own personal curiosity, you may be interested to know about the policies that apply to each of these three fields. Here is some pertinent information:

Work Injury

  • In the case of a work injury, you’d be dealing with the WSIB. Our lawyers and paralegals have worked with the WSIB in the past and are extremely familiar with their protocols. To file for benefits, you must submit your paperwork within six months of the illness or injury in question. That said, the sooner the better, especially so that the details are still fresh in your memory. Our lawyers can help you file your claim, appeal a decision that is unfavourable and finally, engage in litigation if it comes to that.

Motor Vehicle Accident

  • Ontario’s Insurance Act and the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule is the branch you’d be dealing with in the case of a motor vehicle accident. They cover everything from car crashes, to motorcycles, bicycle accidents, or accidents involving pedestrians. If your insurance company does not provide a satisfactory amount of money in the wake of your accident, then you will need to file a claim. Even if you were at fault in the accident, there is still a reasonable chance that you can claim compensation for your recovery.

Slip and Fall

  • Slip and fall and trip and fall incidents fall under the jurisdiction of Ontario’s Occupiers’ Liability Act. Basically, if a property owner does not install proper handrails or sufficiently de-ice their public walkways, they are at fault under the Liability Act. In certain situations, it is not clear which category your accident falls into. When you are driving to work, for example, or slip and fall in the parking lot at your office, it may fall under the jurisdiction of the WSIB even though it also fits the other fields. Learn about our firm and call us for a free consultation if you have more questions: life can be complicated when you hurt yourself, you should have access to a reliable professional to guide you through the labyrinth.

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