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3 Examples Of Tricky Slip And Fall Situations

The question that has provided this entry of the GE LLP blog with its title is a very complex one indeed. There are so many different ways to slip and fall and so many levels of physical harm that one can incur, that it is almost never a straightforward cut-and-dried scenario. Here at Goodman Elbassiouni LLP, we often provide victims with legal help after a slip or fall accident; we have so much experience with these matters that we consider ourselves Toronto’s premier experts.

Because we’ve seen such a wide variety of slip and fall cases, we know how complicated they can be. They can occur at a friend’s place, in the workplace, in a retail setting or at the gym, even on government property. Depending on where the accident occurs, there is a different protocol that brings with it a unique set of challenges. Here are three examples:

  1. When you injure yourself at a friend’s place, it quickly becomes a complicated and dramatic situation. If you feel you need to be compensated and your friend owns the property, it can get messy. Especially in rustic settings, such us a cottage or chalet where there may be docks, decks and wooden steps that are hazardous, it is especially easy for a fun weekend to turn into a minor tragedy. It’s less tricky if your friend lives in a rental property; in this case it would be the landlord’s responsibility to compensate you, which will be easier on your friendship.
  2. When you injure yourself in the workplace, it can get confusing very quickly. The WSIB (workplace safety and insurance board) is supposed to make sure that you get your fair share of compensation and that you receive pay while you are recovering, but often the owners of big companies know tricks for manipulating the system and also may put pressure on workers to refrain from filing a report. Always resist your bosses overtures to ‘take one for the team’ or ‘do what’s best for the company’ – there are protocols in place for these specific events and you are well within your rights to utilize them. In the wake of a slip and fall in the workplace it is always advisable to at least consult with a workers compensation lawyer in Toronto and the GTA, to ensure that you aren’t being manipulated or short changed.
  3. Restaurants can be extremely hazardous, especially if the staff is not doing their utmost to keep the space clean, dry and safe. The problem in the case of a slip and fall at a restaurant is that it is not only the owner who is responsible, it can be any member of staff who contributed to the hazard. Singling out who may have failed to clean up a spilled drink or properly dry a freshly mopped floor can be difficult, in these cases culpability can be extremely difficult to establish.

These are only three examples of a myriad of situations in which an individual can harm themselves as a result of another’s carelessness. We’ve presented you with these specific examples just to give you a modest sense of how many moving pieces can be involved in these cases, and how human emotions and psychology always play a role. Goodman Elbassiouni LLP is here in the GTA to answer all of your questions and concerns if you feel confused or taken advantage of following an accident that was not your fault. Call to find out more!


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