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Mary Soares

Senior Licensed Paralegal

(416) 213-9679
Mary Soares is an accomplished senior paralegal and management professional with over 30 years experience in  claims management, disability management, policy development, and  project management.

She was employed as the WSIB for over 30 years and held positions in case management, counseling and various management positions where she developed an in depth technical knowledge of legislation and policy for determining eligibility and entitlement to benefits.

Mary has been representing accident victims as a WSIB paralegal since 2005 and has utilized her extensive knowledge in assisting clients navigate the WSIB system and achieve their full entitlement under the provisions of the WSIB legislative framework.

Mary is well known and respected in the industry for her strong sense of commitment to her work and her clients, as well as her results for her clients.
Legal Assistant:
Tamara Robinson
t. (905) 265-1005 ext. 441

WSIB Intake Coordinator:
Bianca Green
t. (905) 265-1005 ext. 446
f. 416-213-9679

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