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Christmas Edition Part Two: Stay Safe On The Road

Christmas is the busiest travel season of the year, with everyone pin-balling from one place to the next: driving, flying, taking the train, families hop relentlessly from one event to the next trying to please all the aunts and uncles, grandparents and in-laws. With all of that travelling, things can get a little hairy; with stress running high and family tensions flaring out of control, people aren’t as focused as they should be over the holidays, which can lead to terrible accidents. While Christmas is a time for relaxation, good food and family, if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you need to consult with car accident lawyers in Toronto or the GTA, Goodman Elbassiouni LLP is here for you.

Meteorologists are already calling for a more traditional Canadian winter this year, and although it’s been remarkably temperate thus far, December is supposed to bring frigid temperatures and the snow and ice that comes along with that. While we’ve gotten used to driving on pretty clear roads the past few years, it’s good to remember how bad it can get out there and to practice defensive driving so as not to put your life and the lives of others at risk. Goodman Elbassiouni LLP’s seasoned team of workers compensation lawyers and paralegals have seen everything from minor fender benders to cars that have been completely totaled beyond recognition – just remember, getting to your destination in one piece is more important than getting there quickly, so slow down and enjoy the ride!

As we have discussed in previous posts, it is an unfortunate truth that drivers in Ontario pay a higher tax premium than residents of other provinces, therefore, we think it’s only fair that Ontario drivers receive fair compensation when they are in an accident that is beyond their control. In certain situations, you may even claim compensation if you were partially responsible. Insurance companies will do whatever they can to avoid paying out a solid compensation, so often you’ll need to turn to your friendly neighbourhood injury lawyers.

The Statutory Accident Benefits system is the bureaucratic branch in Ontario that is responsible for overseeing payouts following motor vehicle accidents. If you don’t get what you feel is an acceptable amount of compensation from your own insurance company, the benefits system may intervene on your behalf and procure a payout from the insurance company of another party involved in the accident. Finally, if you still have not received what you feel is a fair amount, you will need to enlist an attorney to conduct a lawsuit against another party in the accident.

When you need the best automobile collision or slip and fall lawyer in Toronto or the GTA, you need to call Goodman Elbassiouni LLP. Our lawyers and paralegals have worked within the Work and Safety Insurance Board and other bureaucratic institutions that make up the policy for these matters. Christmas should be a time for relaxation and reflection; statistically, however, there will always be a number of regrettable accidents over the hectic holiday season. If you need a lawyer to help you resolve a dispute, we offer a free consultation service to help you understand what you’re entitled to.


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